What our owners say


Hi there, my name is Garda. I bought this wonderful lodge that you can see, just last October, October 2021, and I've never looked back. To be honest, I was a bit of a snob at first about lodges, and when I came, I saw this, and I saw what they had to offer, and the wonderful views, I snapped it up within 24 hours, and it's probably the best decision I've ever made!

What you get with this lodge is absolutely everything, you do not need to buy a single thing, even all the cutlery comes with it. It's decorated to a fantastic standard, and what makes it really great for me is that I'm a single lady, I come down here with a lot of my friends, but I also come down by myself. I feel completely and utterly safe when I stay here by myself, and I just love it.

I live in London, and when I come here it takes me 3 hours, 130 miles, which is not so bad on the petrol, we all know what their prices are like. What makes it great as well, is I hate DIY, but they do everything for you. If anything goes wrong, you ring up the office, you speak to Lindsay or Daisy and it's sorted out immediately. So, if you're interested in it, and I honestly would say to you, it will be the best decision you've ever made, contact Nick at Mundesley Holiday Village.


Hi, my name's Glenn and I'm an owner at Mundesley Holiday Village and I just would like to make some comments for anybody that's thinking of perhaps investing here or using one of the villas. I am really, really impressed with the level of cleanliness, and the operational developments here. I think that their staff do the most amazing job of making sure that you get a really fabulous villa to stay in.

The standard of what they do is totally amazing, and I think that it adds to anybody's holiday that they start off with such a good standard of care and a good standard of equipment. Lovely clean beds, immaculate showers, hot tubs that are serviced twice a day, it's quite the most amazing place to come for a break.


Hello. My name is Carol, and I just bought this lovely two bedroom lodge here at Mundesley Holiday Village. It's a lovely place to be, and Nick is excellent at helping you choose the right lodge and looks after you all the way through the process. Come along and have a look for yourself.


Hi. If you're looking for a fabulous, fabulous holiday home, don't look any further than Mundesley Holiday Village. Come and see Nick the salesman, he's a great guy. He takes you through everything from beginning to end, you don't have to lift a Finger.

I bought my first lodge in 2017/18, and as the park grew, I moved to another lodge, which is where I am now, on my rooftop where I've got fabulous views, the sea, the countryside, everything. Don't delay. Do it now, call Nick. All staff are fantastic here.

Tracey and Alan

I used to come here as a young girl with my dad and sister and had so many fond memories that when I found out that they were revamping the park and selling the homes on here I couldn’t resist buying one.

In fact my husband Alan and I enjoy it so much down here we have just upgraded into a larger home to give us that little bit more entertaining space and we get to choose all of the colour schemes and kitchen and furnishings ourselves so it is truly a personalised home just for us.

The team at MHV have been amazing in supporting us through the purchase and we always look forwards to seeing their happy faces every time we come down to stay.

Peter and June

I bought our first holiday home here so that we could come and relax and also use the 3rd bedroom of the bungalow for my music therapy and also for friends to use as respite. But when the lodges became available we upgraded to one of these for the extra advantages they offer. The options here are great - the buy to let option allows you to achieve a good return on the capital, and this income can easily pay the running costs of your personal lodge/bungalow. The location is perfect, right by the sea in a relatively quiet walking area, the team here are fantastic and nothing is too much trouble for them.

Keith and Yvonne

We were looking for a holiday home on a quiet site not too far from home and saw the advert for Mundesley Holiday Village. The initial attraction was the location, the long licence and 52 week opening and decided to visit the site. The visit confirmed our initial thoughts that this was the perfect site for us and with the opportunity to be involved in the interior design of our chosen bungalow we went ahead with the purchase. Our bungalow was completed within two months as promised with the team at MHV taking lead roles in meeting our expectations and providing considerable care and attention to detail in ensuring that our stays are relaxing and carefree.