Sales FAQs

Can I live here?

The simple answer is no. Owners can occupy their holiday home any time during the 12 month open season for as little or as long as they wish but it is not a residential park and they cannot live here.

All owners must be registered at a permanent address other than Mundesley Holiday Village for the purposes of the electoral role, council tax, water rates and census.

We shall require proof of primary address on an annual basis in the form of a Council Tax bill or proof of residence abroad.

Mundesley Holiday Village may not be used as a postal address or primary address for driving licence, insurance, doctors registration etc

Are pets allowed?

Yes. We simply ask that if you have a pet dog, they are kept on a lead when he/she is not relaxing on your gated veranda. We also ask that all owners clean up after their animals. Dog breeds specified under the 'Dangerous Dogs Act' are not permitted.

Can we have Sky TV?

Yes. Once you have arranged your phone line to your holiday home, you can contact Sky and have it installed. All we ask is that you have a small dish attached to your holiday home as discreetly as possible.

Is Mundesley Holiday Village Secure?

Our aim is to provide you with advice and assistance in any way we can, so that you make the most of your time here at Mundesley Holiday Village. Our owners have total peace of mind as each holiday home has domestic specification double glazing and front door, both with multipoint locking. In addition, the whole park is covered by CCTV and the park perimeter is patrolled by Police from nearby Bacton Gas Terminal every hour, giving you complete piece of mind that your investment is protected.

A full-time warden is resident on the Park and provide security, maintenance and grass cutting. All you have to do is sit back and soak up the peace and tranquillity, secure in the knowledge that your investment and your family are extremely well protected.

What are the annual running costs?

Annual Site Fee - from £3,750

The site fee is fully inclusive of local water charges, council rates contribution, grass cutting, park maintenance, 24 hour security cover, and resident Warden assistance (when and if required).

Insurance - from £250

All owners must be adequately insured, (buildings and contents cover). We have a partner who can assist you with this. However, owners may use their own insurance provided a copy is presented to us for our records at each renewal.

Gas and electricity costs

Gas bottles will be monitored by us; changed when needed and invoiced quarterly. The cost includes delivery, connection, and removal of empty bottles. Electricity is individually metered to each home, so you only pay for what you use. It is charged at the standard unit cost, which is billed quarterly.

Will the annual fee increase, if so, is there a limit?

Yes it will go up, but only in line with inflation the same way as wages, pensions, etc. increase. We adhere to the Code of Practice laid down by the BH&HPA (British Holiday and Home Parks Association) which prohibits excessive rises in fees