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North Norfolk’s Myths & Legends…

North Norfolk is not only famous for its stunning coastline, beautiful countryside, and friendly folk – its history is also rich in folklore, myths and legends! We’ve collated the top three best spooky tales to prepare you for Halloween this weekend, and to inspire you to explore our intriguing history…

1. Black Shuck

One of the oldest animal hauntings of Great Britain, Black Shuck is said to be a giant dog, the size of a calf, with large red eyes, that prowls the Norfolk coast line. It is thought that this legend originated from the Viking times, where Vikings invaded East Anglia, bringing giant hounds with them, but other reports suggest that the tale started as far back as Anglo Saxon times! The legend says that if you make eye contact with this beastly hound, you will expire within a twelve month period… but don’t worry, the chances of bumping into Shuck are next to none – the coastline is so vast! However, in 2014 the bones of a 7 foot, 14 stone dog were found near Leiston Abbey in Suffolk (one of the places it was known to attack in the 16th century)… we’ll let you make your mind up about that one!


2. Anne Boleyn

Second wife of Henry 8th, Anne Boleyn, is said to haunt Blickling Hall in North Norfolk – the estate was occupied by the Boleyn family from 1499 to 1505, and many believe that Anne was born here. She is said to have been seen gliding the rooms and corridors of the hall, dressed in all white, after being driven by a headless coachman and 4 headless horses to the entrance. Her father is also thought to haunt Blickling Hall, but Anne Boleyn’s ghost is definitely one of the most famous in North Norfolk!


3. The Brown Lady

Another of the most famous Norfolk ghost sightings is said to be “the brown lady” of Raynham Hall. She has been seen walking the corridors and visiting the rooms in the hall, holding a lamp and wearing a brown dress. The ghost is thought to be the spirit of Dorothy Walpole, sister of England’s first Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole. Rumours say that her husband locked her in one of the rooms in Raynham Hall in the 16th century, where she died. She “officially” died of smallpox, but a lot of people believe she died by being pushed down the grand staircase… There was a photo taken in 1936 of said staircase, which is supposed to show the Brown Lady descending the staircase.brown

We hope you enjoyed our top 3 tales of paranormal Norfolk, and that it has inspired you to explore our magnificent county this Halloween. Norfolk is also home to the PrimEvil experience at the Dinosaur Adventure Park, which is one of the most highly rated Halloween attractions in the country.

Mundesley Holiday Village offers a range of luxury lodges by the sea, available to buy on the North Norfolk coast – enabling you to discover Norfolk’s folklore all year round for yourself! Next month, we bring you the best things to do in North Norfolk this Christmas… time to get cosy in your luxury holiday lodge!

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