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Norfolk Coast Blue Flag Beaches Near Mundesley

A Blue Flag certification rewards a beach for its high environmental and safety standards. We were delighted to hear that East and West Runton have joined four other local beaches (including Mundesley) in holding this prestigious award this year. To celebrate, we decided to shine a further spotlight on these six beaches with a quick tour from west to east.

Walking route from Cromer to Sheringham

1. Sheringham

Sheringham is the first stop on our North Norfolk Blue Flag tour. At high tide the beach appears to be just rocks, pebbles and shingle. While this is pleasant for a shorter walk, it isn’t particularly accessible. However, low tides reveal plenty of sandy stretches for longer walks, and intricate rock pools to explore. Fill a bucket with sea water, be very quiet and look carefully for crabs, anemones, starfish and more. A thriving rock pool can look like another planet!

Be sure to change the water in your bucket regularly!

2. West Runton

Next stop is West Runton, which gained worldwide fame with the discovery of the West Runton Mammoth: the most complete find of its species (85%, with the previous being 10-15% complete). There hasn’t been a find of that size since then, but West Runton beach remains a popular site for fossil-hunters. You’ll find fossilised freshwater shells, fish, birds, frogs and various mammal remains. In fact, a mammoth tibia was discovered in April this year!

Rare mammoth tibia discovered at West Runton

3. East Runton

East Runton beach is considered one of North Norfolk’s best surfing destinations. Conditions for Blue Flag status include high standards of safety and services, including “An adequate number of lifeguards and/or lifesaving equipment available”. Combine this with some choice waves, Blue Flag standard water quality and a warm North Norfolk summer and you’ve got the perfect conditions for water sports.

Surfing on a sunny day!

4. Cromer

Cromer is one of our region’s most popular beaches, and for good reason. Along with sandy stretches, safe swimming and a wealth of local attractions, Cromer Pier is “the jewel of the North Norfolk coast”. Although several piers and jetties have been recorded in Cromer’s history that were knocked down, this Victorian pier has stood strong for 115 years! The famous Cromer Pier Show is now in its 40th year, and is still as popular as ever.

A bright, clear day on Cromer Pier

5. Mundesley

Mundesley! We’d love to dedicate a paragraph here to Mundesley Holiday Village, but we’ll try to stay (a little) impartial. Mundesley beach is a favourite child-friendly beach because of its very long sandy stretches and Blue Flag-certified safe swimming. The beach is more accessible than others, particularly the beach hut-lined promenade. Whether you’re flying kites, building sandcastles, paddling or strolling, there’s something for everyone here.

A ramp leading down to Mundesley beach: easy access

6. Sea Palling

Last stop on the North Norfolk Blue Flag tour! Sea Palling perhaps isn’t as well-known as Cromer or Sheringham, and we say it definitely should be. Fans of this beach already know that it’s one of our best local walks, but for those who don’t, here’s why. Not only is there gorgeous scenery, but the beach is dog (and child!) friendly all year, unlike other local beaches. Visitors can even take their land-dogs to see some sea-dogs, as seals are often spotted playing nearby.

A seal pup and its mother - too cute!

Phew! We’re done. This stretch is approximately 25 miles long, and the stops between Sheringham and Cromer are less than an hour’s walk each. This means you and your family can easily mix and match beach activities to really take in all that this beautiful part of the country has to offer. Our lodges, bungalows and holiday cottages are the ideal base for exploring the North Norfolk coast. For more information, get in touch with one of our friendly staff members today!

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