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Top 5 Reasons to Staycation This Holiday Season

The 2009 recession saw a sharp increase in British people choosing to holiday at home, saving flight costs, baggage and other expenses. But once the economy regrew, Brits had discovered that the refreshing nostalgia, ease of access and gorgeous local scenery were worth sticking around for. So, with the “staycation” becoming a more permanent fixture in our green and pleasant lands – we’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons to stay domestic this holiday season, and a few tips and tricks to make the most of it while you’re here.

1. Cost

It’s no secret that cutting travel expenses can save families a lot of money. Many will take out loans to cover baggage charges, exchange rates and accommodation. Saving on travel means more budget available for activities and experiences for you and your family. Here at Mundesley, we offer beautiful holiday cottages from just £250 per week for a family of four (plus two dogs!) which you can use as a base to visit our gorgeous, local attractions, or even just relax in style and comfort.

Inside our Felbrigg 42 holiday cottage - just £250 per week.
Inside our Felbrigg 42 holiday cottage – only £250 per week.

2. Quality Time

Reducing travel time means more opportunities to take part in outings and adventures. We recommend including the whole family in planning your itinerary. This way, everyone gets to do something that suits them while challenging the others to try something new. Our local area has long stretches of sandy beaches to stroll down, little towns to potter in and gorgeous stately homes to explore. We even have Norwich less than an hour’s drive away for a vibrant city experience that keeps Norfolk’s quaint charm intact. For things to do near us, have a look at our “Local Attractions” page.

Our local beaches are perfect for paddling!
Our local beaches are perfect for paddling!

3. Boosting the UK’s Economy

Sure, it’s probably not something you think about when booking a holiday, but the rise in domestic holidays means local businesses can invest in better quality accommodation, facilities and products which more and more of us enjoy each year. Our local area is home to some fantastic farmer’s markets, and their beautiful, handmade products can put any souvenir Eiffel Tower keyring to shame. Norwich is one of the top shopping destinations in the UK, featuring the largest (and one of the oldest) outdoor markets in the country, a charming arcade, two large shopping centres and countless independent retailers. Read more about our local shopping opportunities here.

Elm Hill in Norwich City Centre, with independent retailers lining the cobbled streets.
Elm Hill in Norwich City Centre, with independent retailers lining the cobbled streets.

4. Less Hassle

An often unspoken benefit of the staycation is straightforward, cost-effective travel planning. Last year, Citizens Advice reported a 35% increase in complaints regarding holiday firms breaching terms of contract. This included providing sub-standard accommodation, changing holidays without notifying customers and booking them on non-existent flights. However, getting to and from Mundesley Holiday Village is a breeze. The reliable East Coast train winds down right past the sea, and through Norfolk’s gloriously yellow oilseed-rape fields. We’re also right next to all kinds of beautiful beaches, picturesque towns and bustling piers to spend the summer in – without a check-in gate in sight.

Cromer's 151 metre long, traditional Victorian pier.
Cromer’s 151 metre long, traditional Victorian pier.

5. Scenery

Our favourite reason to staycation this year. England is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and we believe we’ve got the best of it.  Picture long stretches of sea, sky, flowers and fields, with beaming sunlight during the day and a warm, soft sunset at night: that’s North Norfolk. Throw in a cool coastal breeze, winding cobbled streets and enchanting stately homes, and you’ve got more than enough reason to stay local this summer. We recommend Blickling Estate: a breathtaking Jacobean house with floral gardens, a beautiful lake, a quaint little bookshop and much, much more – only half an hour away from us!

Blicking Estate in summer - cared for by the National Trust.
Blicking Estate in summer – cared for by the National Trust.

Aptly, the staycation isn’t going anywhere, and we’ve got the perfect balance: a wealth of sights, attractions and activities to suit everyone, and a luxurious, relaxing space to return to once you’re done. The domestic holiday saves your budget without compromising the quality of your holiday or time spent with your family. So why not stay with us this summer? Your own country may just surprise you.

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