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4 Interior Design Trends for 2016…

You might be looking to spruce-up or revamp your holiday home in 2016, as the New Year always brings a sense of turning over a new leaf and inspires you to give your home a bit of a refresh. Or perhaps you are looking to invest in a new interior-designed holiday home by the sea?

We have collated some of the predicted interior design trends for 2016 to give you some great ideas and tips when it comes to the interior design of your holiday home:

• Colour schemes

Dulux have announced their “colour of the year 2016” as “Cherished Gold” and other insiders have predicted that this year will be all about pinks, reds, “meat” colours and peach (which is similar to the “Cherished Gold” colour). Accessories to complement this colour, for example, tables and chairs, should be deep green, navy or blue.

In fact, it has also been predicted that warm metals, such as: brass, gold and metallic finishes will continue to be popular.


• Bring the outdoors in…

Lush vegetation in bathrooms, and other rooms is a great way to brighten up your holiday home. Not only are indoor plants aesthetically pleasing, but they also improve the air quality. There are many plants, such as aloe vera, bamboo and orchids, which will thrive in bathrooms, as they provide a warm, humid environment for them to grow in.


• Texture contrasts…

Textured fabrics such as faux fur, suede and brushed velvet are predicted to be popular this year – create relaxing silhouettes with the contrasting fabrics. If you are not looking to buy chairs or sofas made of this fabric, try laying a textured throw over them – then you have the option to take them off again in the warmer months.


• Eco-friendly

It is always great to use as much eco-friendly products when possible, so a predicted trend for this year is to “make it sustainable” – whether it’s the foam used to stuff your sofas, or the furniture accessories you buy, eco-friendliness is most often taken into account by manufacturers nowadays. Try recycling an old piece of furniture, or turning an old item into a recycled wall decoration – be as creative as you dare!


So, if all of this has got your creative juices flowing and has inspired you, then take a look at our very own interior-designed luxury holiday lodge on the North Norfolk coast, the “Sandringham”. We give you the option of giving us your ideas – allowing us to transform the interior of your lodge, bespoke to your individual desires, or letting us surprise you with a beautiful design that our interior designer has created themselves. Contact us today to find out more…

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